Bishes Be On They Status Like….


They don’t know what they feel but they love being dramatic.

For real though,  at times I can’t deal with people putting all their business on social media, primarily Facebook, fb. We don’t need to know certain things about you. Keep that shit light. Out of your 2,673 friends on fb you probably only have 5 real friends, text one of them.

I, friend number 834, does not need to know how awesome your relationship is just so 3 months 1 week and 8 days from today you’ll be announcing what a horrible person he is now. Low key, I’m a psychologist and I can assure you that is not healthy. Also, who you date and what you put up with is only a reflection of yourself. So, please tell me more of how you let someone belittle you in the name of “love.” Ugh. Thank goodness for the “remove all posts from this person” option. I can still be your “friend” without allowing your stupid emo coaster affect my psyche, I’m sensitive.

Most are just plain dumb, like can you really blame that ALL on daddy on issues, smh. A few posts, surprisingly, are actually sincere, though still annoying.  These are the few, if I’m in full emo-in-my-feelings moment, that I guess I sort of (gasps) admire. Their fearless vulnerability, to be able to put themselves on display not caring about the reaction or even if they get an reaction at all (though we all know that we post to get a reaction) is admirable. Maybe they will reach someone who is going through similar issues and will inspire them to overcome as well.

But when I get out of said feelings I’m like NAH them bishes still stupid.